Medical Benefits of Body Armor

How Body Armor Protection Might Benefit All of Us

Sometimes things can turn out to be very bad. In history, there have been many political uprisings and terrorist attacks. There have also been natural disasters, people rioting on the streets, as well as crime waves. People become desperate when there is a shortage of food, water, and supplies. We are all at risk of becoming caught up in such chaos. Are you prepared to defend your home if it is taken over by neighbours who want your supplies. It may be worth modifying your home to make it easier to defend.

Also, you should consider buying body armor for your family to provide some protection from bullets. It is incorrect to assume that body armor is only available for law enforcement and military personnel. A common misconception about body armour is that it is prohibitively expensive.

Body armor is now more readily available and is also much more affordable. There are many options for body armor, including different styles, protection levels and shapes. This article will help you find the best place to start if you are thinking of getting body armor protection for your family and yourself. We’ll be talking about the features and the different levels of protection.

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Why we all need body armor protection

For as long as humans have waged war against each other, body armor dates back thousands of years. Some type of armor is required to protect the body when lethal weapons are used. This could be metal armor, woven chain, tough leather cowhides, or any other type of armor. In one form or another, body armor has protected the military, peacekeeping forces, law enforcement, and regular civilians.

Today, we can have bulletproof vests or ballistic vests to protect us from being shot. Body armor has evolved over the years. If disaster strikes and a gang of thugs starts attacking your home in search of your supplies, equipping your entire family with body armor can save your life. It is the only way to provide some protection for your family from any bullets that might fly through your windows. It’s worth it to have body armor protection in such an emergency. Let’s talk about the different types of body armor.

Different types of protective body armor

There are many types of body armor. Concealed vests are the most common type of armor worn by police officers. While concealable vests provide protection against handguns, knife attacks, and shards, they do not protect against rifle rounds. More often than criminals with knives and hand guns, police encounter them than thugs with rifles. They prefer conceal armor to ensure they are adequately protected.

Members of the military face greater dangers and prefer to have “external battle plates” on their back. These plates can be worn over the uniform, and offer more protection from incoming rounds than a concealed vest. You can choose from single-piece or multi-piece external plates. Some plates come with padding. Others have special features such as holsters, magazine holders and pouches to hold other gear.

The military prefers the multi-piece option. What types of threats are you most likely to face? Which do you need? Exterior plates or concealed vests? It would be more sensible for everyone to have an exterior plate in case of a disaster. You don’t have to hide the fact that your body armor is on in such a situation. The best protection for your body is required. The multi-piece plate allows you to attach additional gear such as a sidearm and spare magazines, while deciding whether to purchase a standalone plate or a multi-piece one.

Important Features of Ballistic Armor

The body armor you wear should provide the following basic information:


This is the purpose of body armor. Your body armor must be able to protect you against bodily injury should anyone come at you with either a knife or gun. It should be able to protect you from bodily harm if it fails to do so, then it is not worth putting on or owning. It is important to fully understand the protection levels of any body armor that you are considering. You need to choose the protection level that is most effective against the potential threats. While there are many standards for body armor in different countries, the NIJ standard is the most commonly used.

Proper Fit & Comfort

It is essential that body armor fits properly. Otherwise, it won’t be able to protect your body. It is important that your body armor fits properly. It should at the very minimum have padding and be adjustable to ensure the right fit. If it is not fully adjustable and padded, do not consider purchasing body armor.

Flexibility and Mobility

Your body armor should be flexible enough to allow mobility, aside from the proper fit. Although your body armor’s main purpose is to protect you from bullets, knives, and other attacks, it shouldn’t slow you down. With your vest on, you must be able move quickly without any restrictions. You must be able to move quickly and without being restricted by your vest to stay alive under attack or defend yourself.